As you know all 3 of us have been sick in some capacity since Saturday, as has most of Oregon. I had a doctors appointment today and this was my view on the way there. Lets just say I was not driving and taking a picture of the view, ya know for legal reasons!

After I took the picture I was thinking it was a beautiful view, no wait, pretty, no wait… What is the word I’m thinking, because you all know I live in East county it couldn’t possibly be any of those descriptive words! Then it hit me, it’s EVERYDAY. This is a typical picture of what the sky looks like 70% of the time here in the PNW. It’s not beautiful, it’s not pretty, it’s not nice, it is just what it is- home for now. I might not always like it here in Oregon but its familiar for the time being and there is always something comforting in anything familiar.

Until next time…



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