It’s been a few weeks give or take 6! Let’s see what a quick 6 week recap looks like:

Picking up where we left off, Austin had hockey try-outs here in Portland and has a whole new coaching staff, the coach he had last season moved up to the next division. He loves his new coaches, they coach his style of hockey and are true hockey players and it’s been great for Aust. He will obviously work on all areas of development this season before he moves to Kelowna, but one aspect he hasn’t developed much in is a leadership role. He is always one of the guys, but never a leader, this season with being one of the 2nd years and one of the top guys he will have the opportunity to work on the leadership aspect of his game. He has moved positions, he has always played winger here in Portland, and he has played as a defensemen on occasion but definitely not his strong position. His BC coaches have played him as a centre most of the time and have always said he plays more like a centremen than a wing. So this year from try-outs on he has moved himself into that role as a centremen. He has had to work on getting his face-off percentage more consistent and it is getting much stronger. We had a talk with his private coach and like he said “Austin is one of those guys that will not say much inside of the (locker) room, but when he does guys will listen and know he means what he says”.  It is fun just watching him practice. I am trying to enjoy each moment with him, even the trying ones.

Walrus boy Spending some hard earned money Rock Climbing Fool Face-Off WHL ice

Austin also started school the 2nd week of September. If you know his school they never ease into anything, it’s a belly flop right into everything, sink or swim for sure. I was pleasantly surprised at his progress report yesterday. We have decided to let him go well at least for the first month and test his own methods for homework and tests. There will be a few things tweaked here and there but for the most part he is doing well on his own. Which does ease my mind about school next year when it comes to him being on his own (even though the school and the coaches have a firm grasp on them when it comes to school work)! The week prior to starting school Aust ends up with a very pink eye, though it is not pink eye and all of the doctors can not tell us what it is, they could tell us what it was not. We ended up in ER because all of the blood vessels in his eye burst. Turns out its because he had a pretty bad infection behind his eye and the pressure caused them to break. It took about 10 days for his eye to look normal!

Something not right with my eye! Hmm First day of school

There has been a lot of hockey mostly 4 practices a week, which for PJH is a lot but its good and it’s the way it should be. Our main schedule for hockey started this week and will slow down a bit at least as far as practices go, they will be on the ice Mondays and Wednesdays and one weekend a month. As of right now they have 2 tournaments this month, 1, maybe 2 next month and so on. The team will also be doing quite a bit of fundraising and community service to round off their season. It is a lot more than in the past but it is what it is and in the end the development of skill and personal character will be a great gain. I have once again taken on the role of team manager for his Portland team. The travel and tournament paperwork is a breeze; I’ve been doing it personally and professionally for so long now it’s no big deal. I have also taken on the role of tournament director for their home tournament, which serves as the biggest fundraiser we will do as a team this season. That job comes with a lot of fine tuning, task juggling, and parental organization. I have chosen these two tasks for a variety of reasons, first and foremost I have the background not only personally but professionally for many years and it only makes sense. I have been working on the tournament for months because you can’t put on a well run successful tournament in just a few weeks. The selfish part of why I did it was because it is my last season with Austin playing here in Portland and I want it to be the best season ever for the team and Austin.

Okay enough about hockey, you would like it was our life! Oh wait… Let’s see what else has been going on… Fall baseball. Austin decided to play fall baseball for the first time ever, if you are not familiar it is very laid back (oh suppose to be laid back, but some coaches do not know the meaning of those two words)! They do not practice, just play games two to three times a week and should be having fun fine tuning aspects of their individual and team game getting ready for next season. Here’s the problem, we live in the Pacific Northwest where in the last week we had I swear 4 inches of rain! So he has had quite a few rain outs and has only been able to play just a handful of games. He has had a lot of fun and also likes his coach.


We got to hang out with Justin’s dad and step-mom in August; it was a good visit for a few days. They took us to OMSI, we got to see the mummy exhibit, which was cool and gross at the same time. Austin has been staying one night a week with his grandma’s the last month, just to hang out and have some fun.  Grandma also went with us to Everett to watch 3 pre-season games for Austin, it was a good trip. It’s hard because both of our parents do not get to see Austin play a lot of hockey due to not playing at home very often. Justin switched shifts a few days ago he is now on 12.5 days so he is gone all day and by all day I mean all day Sun/Mon/Tues, but that means he is home ALL day Wed – Sat!

As most of you know I am on the Gresham PD’s benevolent group committee who puts on the Christmas party, we have started meeting and getting ready for that, I can’t believe it’s that time already. It is always a good event and glad we are able to put it on for the families of the department.  Work is the same for me, school started 2 weeks ago here at the college so students are back, no more quiet days!

All the Pick animals are doing great, Kitten Man aka Deezey aka kitten aka cat, I am not even sure why people name animals they rarely are called by their actual name, Bella for instance is Moosha rarely is she called Bella. Kitten man was sick once during the month pretty sure he has on going health problems because of being a stray. He is a little lover though when he isn’t being spastic. He loves to sit in the basket full of hair “tools” in the bathroom when we take showers, one day he will be too big to do that.

Kitten man in a basket So Cute Baby Girl Moosha Deezey

I am excited about my next post; it is all about turning 12!

Until then, LIVE ALOHA



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