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This week has wore me out, not sure why, didn’t really have a lot going on, it just seemed to drag on and on. I am glad it’s Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow – wait… what? I can’t sleep in, what… It’s hockey season again! Tomorrow is the first day of try-outs for Aust for PJH, not a huge deal but still a deal all the same and have to get up and not be rushed etc! So here is starts, hockey season 13-14!

Let’s recap the last week shall we? I picked up Aust from camp and he was sad to leave. Sad to leave great friends and counselors and a great camp. On the drive home he asked if he could go next year before he moves! I am sure we can arrange all the boys going together again. He had so much fun! I kept asking him about the HUGE nasty abrasion on his elbow, he kept saying I’ll tell you later, then when he did tell me I wasn’t listening! So not sure the whole story but this is what I remember – in camp they are broke up into 4 huge teams for team competition. They were playing some game with tennis balls, Austin was on his way to getting a point for his team, he falls on some cement and “scrapes” his arm (it’s more than a scrape). I ask if he went to have it cleaned up and looked at? With the look of “are you serious” he says “um, no, I was trying to get a point for my team so they would win, and we did. Plus real hockey players don’t wear band-aids.” Okay then, moving on! I didn’t really look at it until Sunday night and it was pretty angry by then! I looked at it today and it’s now “just a scrape”.
My parents came to Gresham to pick up Aust and take him back to my mom and dads house so he could help my dad finish a project he started months ago! It was a bit of work and the finished project is a pretty little outdoor area by the tree! Saturday night we ate dinner with my parents and then called it a night, everyone was tired and we had to be up early on Sunday. Sunday is a tradition since Austin was 4 I think, we have been going to the last day of the Clark County Fair, mostly because it’s when the monster trucks are there and they are included with fair admission. Who doesn’t love monster trucks! This years winner was a 16-year-old girl, who ROCKED! I got some great pictures of Austin on rides. We also saw some dog jumping competitions, it was pretty cool. I kept threatening to enter Bella into the armature division next year!

Monday, um work for me and nothing for J and Aust… SO jealous. When I got off work we took Austin to Lloyd Center so he could get some ice on his new skates prior to try-outs this weekend so he can wear his new skates. When living in Portland, your ice choices are few and far between and Lloyd Center Ice Rink stays open til 9:30 so we went, Austin skated and we drank coffee! All the girls kept asking him if he was a hockey player and trying to talk to him! I am realizing more each day he is at that age!!! Tuesday, Austin had skating lessons with Ben and went to stick and puck time, he is doing everything he can to get as much ice prior to tomorrow so he can wear his new skates! He was going to play in a hockey scrimmage but it was canceled so he went to baseball practice instead – always something. He was pretty wiped out after getting home from baseball at 8:30! Wednesday he went with the kids club here at Mt.Hood to the Little League Softball World Series at Alpenrose Dairy here in Portland, he watched the local team play Asia-Pacific, they lost 6-0! Justin had softball championships and we went to that, he missed the first game because of traffic issues coming back from Corvallis. If you didn’t know J is a driving instructor for work and they do all of their training down at the Corvallis airport. Luckily softball was a double elimination so he got 2 games in before they were done!

Yesterday Aust hung out at the kids club again, we have this huge water obstacle course in the pool – it’s kind of like Wipeout, it’s so fun to watch the kids try and cross it! He also did the chimney at the rock wall twice! He was pretty wore out by the time we got home. A little rant from me – we live in the PNW where it’s cold and rainy most of the time. We went to a few places last night to get Austin new Under Armour type pants for hockey and NO one and I mean NO one has anything… ARE YOU KIDDING ME… UHH, even in adult we could only find XL… Austin’s are super old, he has lost one pair and the other are trashed… UHH this town kills me for gear… Okay rant over!

Today, hmm lets see Austin went to kids club again, then has hung out with my mom for half a day, that way he got ice at Lloyd Center again and my mom and dad will take him to Mt. View for stick and puck time at 5:15, we can just pick him up after that. It was a typical non-hockey season week for us! Oh ya, I meant to tell you why I am so tired, it has a name and it is DEEZEY. That kitten is killing me, he wakes me up probably 4 times a night to play. I have been trying to get him to play before we go to bed, but he is too tired, hmm wonder why! He and Bella have a very love to annoy each other relationship. Hoping that improves someday!

Below are some random pics from this week –

Tired Kitten



Little League Softball World Series

LL Softball WS

A Hibiscus from my tree!


Austin at the fair – yes the guitar strap is on for righties!

A guitar

J and A, rockin out!

J and A

Nice push on the left leg buddy.


This is why I do not like mascots – CREEPY

Creepy head

J rockin out!

J guitar


Monster Truck



These swings went higher than the normal ones!


Living room at the new house

Living room 1

He is scheming…

Deezey 2

Fed-Ex, Craze and some of the boys at camp.

Trout Creek

“its just a scrape”


My new Origami Owl family locket


Bella hangin in the car.

Bella 1

Deezey helping me with the Origami Owl order.

Deezey O2



Until next week – keep livin Aloha



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