The beginning of THE Beginning…

Please watch your step as you enter this ride, make sure the lap belt is securely fastened, sit back, relax and we hope you enjoy yourself! (This ride is not recommended for individuals who have seizures, neck or back disorder, heart conditions, motion sickness, pregnancy, dizziness, prescription medication or other physical ailments which may be aggravated by the motion of this ride.)

Here we go, 12 months from now we will be preparing to move Austin 493 miles away (but who’s counting) to Kelowna B.C. We will start the application process in just a few weeks and hopefully know by November if he has been accepted.  Fingers, toes, antlers, anything you got to cross – cross em’, the wishes are welcomed and appreciated.

This is a journey that does not come easy, nor lightly in our minds or Austins. The first time he went to camp in Kelowna he was 2 months shy of turning 8. It was extremely hot that summer in Kelowna, I think the day we left it had reached 38, it is a beautiful city with great friendly people, that’s why it’s a destination city! I remember how exhausted Austin was after each day of camp, he would eat dinner, swim for a few minutes and then fall asleep, he had not seen anything like this in Portland. The coaches kept the kids busy for 8 hours a day between off ice, on-ice and skills, the difference we could see in his skating from day 1 to day 5 was remarkable. We picked up the brochure for their full time hockey academy early in the week and moved on. On our way out of town on Friday Aust says “I want to stay for camp next week, and I want to move up here to the hockey academy when I am 13”, then he fell asleep right after that and slept for 4 hours!

Fast forward 4 years and 3 camps later, after the last day on the way home he always makes a comment about wanting to go the next week. As he has gotten older, his stamina is much stronger and he isn’t as tired at the end of the day, but on our way home after the last day, he lets his body rest and sleeps for hours no matter the time of day. He has had his mind up since that first time he attended and has never lost site of what he needs to do to achieve that goal. I am sure I had things I thought I wanted to do when I was 8 but about an hour later I would move on to something else, heck I am still that way. It amazes me everyday to watch him be so focused on a goal, a dream, a life HE has chosen for himself. That’s the thing, it’s been all him, have we had to schedule, pay, work overtime, and on and on to make his dream come true up to this point, of course we have. What he haven’t had to do was put in the work and dedication he has put in since the first time he put on skates. We are not the one out there sweating for hours during practice, doing off-ice training and anything he can to become a better hockey player, better athlete, just a better person. He can be the most unfocused kid when it comes to umm well, let’s just say LIFE, but the minute he laces up his skates it’s a whole different story. It is that drive and determination that has allowed us to let him apply to the academy and move away from home at 13 if he gets in.

As time draws near I am starting to realize that this is becoming real, once he turns in the application it will be one more step closer and so on. I am determined to document the next 12 months as much as I can, I am also determined to have so much fun and make every moment count with my kid, cause if he gets in… I’ll be relying on those memories to get me through the tough times of missing him!

Please join us on our crazy journey over the next year and hopefully I won’t bore you too much with my ramblings of a very proud mom!

So far this month we are on what, day 9… what has been going on… We moved a month ago and because of work, All-Stars baseball and vacation we are still settling in and unpacking.  I had an Origami Owl party last Friday, I made two beautiful custom lockets and have made the decision to start selling it in a few months (like I needed more to do during the hockey season). Saturday, Austin and I sat outside all day at our yard sale… which was a bust. We had one at our old house prior to moving, it was part of a neighborhood yard sale and we did pretty well. So we decided to do it again with new things we found we didn’t need/want once we moved, plus it was a new neighborhood. Well hardly anyone came by, we made a few dollars, but nothing like the first sale.

Saturday night Austin had a birthday party/sleep over to go to and Justin had a overnight softball tournament. By overnight I do not mean it was somewhere else, it was here, started at 6:30pm, triple elimination after round robin so he got done at 4:45am. Got to bed at 5:30 and up at 9 to go pick up Austin, needless to say the rest of the day was spent being lazy around the house and getting Austin ready to go to Trout Creek Bible Camp on Monday.

Austin has never attended camp, outside of sports camps. I have always wanted him to go to a week long, away from home camp, it’s just never worked out. This year a group of boys from school all wanted to go together, in the end their cabin consists of boys from school and baseball. He has been gone all week with no communication, it’s been a little weird especially at first in,  today’s world where he texts me when he is gone and I can use the “Find My iPhone” app to see where he is at! He was a little nervous going to camp until we showed up and he found all of his friends, he barely said bye! The camp posts pictures on FB, I forgot until today, I just found 4 pics of him, made me smile, he looks like he is having SO much fun. I was jealous when we dropped him off. I want to be 12 and stay there all week, so much stuff to do, especially as an only child! I can’t wait to pick him up tomorrow so I can hear about his week!

This week with Austin gone, J and I have done errands together on Monday, and then stuff around the house and just chilled out in the quite house! What is a bummer is we now have to do all the chores my awesome kid does, like look after all the animals, deal with the garbage and recycling, the dishes, laundry, sometimes fixes dinner if we are running late… It is apparent how much stuff he does when he’s not around to do it!

This weekend is a full weekend, work for J, picking up Aust for me, Aust has to go finish a work project with Poppa, and then dinner with Mema and Poppa and hopefully hanging out with friends. Sunday is our annual trip to the Clark County Fair to watch the monster trucks and do fair things…  Hmm, random thought, glad they brought Twinkies back, I would hate to see the fair people lose money over not being able to deep fry them!

I think I have rambled enough for this week, hope you enjoy the pictures and until next week keep smiling

Bible Camp

Bible Camp

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Proud American

Proud American

12 yr olds!

12 yr olds!




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