One day I will get my act together

I am pretty sure every 6 months I try this whole blog thing and I have grandeur ideas on keeping it up and then once again life sneaks in like the Grinch and steals my time and before I know it, it’s been 6 months and I am writing the same post about how I want to do this and I am going to do this and then, wait now I feel like my life is a scene out of Bill Murray’s “Groundhog Day”.

So here we go again on this all too familiar journey down the life of AJA Pick, where will it lead us this time, will you have to wait 6 months to find out? My promise to myself is that I will post more regularly than I have been posting, and if you know me I DO NOT break promises. My main reason for wanting to write this time and the majority of the focus for the next 13 months will be applying, hopefully getting accepted and then getting ready for Austin to move 9 hours away at 13. Wish us luck!



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