Ready…Set…Let’s try this again!

I have this great want to stay current on this blog; I have the best intentions for so many reasons. Somehow life gets in the way of my good intentions and as I write that statement it sounds so hypocritical of what I am trying to do. I am trying to document life, but live it at the same time. I have come to realize there just really are not enough hours in the day or days in the week to get done what I need to do and what I want to do with the need always winning out. I need to start making time for things that I want to do. In saying all of that I need to also realize it’s okay to compromise and make some adjustments in order to accomplish anything. So my compromise with myself and this blog is at first do a recap of the week, then after I’ve mastered that, then maybe a post every few days until I can reach my goal, of a decent daily post.

Like so many I have this idea for this blog, to share our story, to share special moments with whomever wants to be bored by my odd way of writing. I write as if I am talking to someone, it’s not so proper that’s for sure. As every other family out there, our story is unique,I want to remember everyday moments, that one day I will forget.

So here it goes my third attempt in the last 5 years at a blog. I am hoping this one takes.

Welcome to our crazy life, I know it may not be as crazy as some and some days it’s worse than others, but for us it’s life. It’s what Austin will remember as “home”, it’s what I cherish on a daily basis, it’s our crazy beautiful life.

In case you don’t know us very well, here is a quick overview of our family.I have been fortunate due to a few great people to have been working with athletes for the last 7 years. Currently I work for the athletic department at our local community college. It’s a different but welcomed pace from what I was use to previously. The commute is AWESOME and I am able to enjoy my son’s love of sports even more now. My husband has been a police officer for almost 14 years, working shift work has its toll on a marriage and on a family, we deal and it works. Justin loves nothing more than to watch Austin practice and play sports. That leads me to our wonderful, crazy, athletic, smart, independent, fun 11 yr old. I wouldn’t want any other kid to be mine. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of kids out there that are great and I like being around. Aust, is a total mix of my outgoing, creative, adventurous personality and his dads cynical, reserved, athletic personality. He has a love for a few things, the first being sports – hockey first and foremost and then baseball is a close second.

Come join us on our journey, our experiences, our happiness – our LIFE.



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