I cannot believe how excited I am to be able to watch live NHL hockey tomorrow. There were times throughout the last few months when there wasn’t anything good on the TV and wishing we could turn it to any game – preferably a Caps or Kings game, but I’d even settle for a Tampa Bay game at this point.

We are actually in town this weekend and have things to get done; we will be making sure we are home by noon to see the Kings raise the banner they so awesome won last season. Just being a hockey fan, even if it’s not my favorite team winning Lord Stanley’s Cup brings a sense of pride in the sport. So many people in my day-to-day life now do not understand and have not seen many hockey games, including NHL. So many do not realize what it takes to raise that cup and 4 or say 7 months later hang that banner in your barn for all to see for centuries to come. To slip that ring on to a finger that has life scares on it they will always remember.

By no means am I dismaying any other sport on toughness, as some of you know I use to make fun of curling, “How can it be an Olympic sport if Canada’s National Women’s Team captain is pregnant?” until I tried it last season, ok ya it’s tougher than the average hockey mom for sure! It might not be a contact sport, but wow it’s hard. I know football; soccer and sometimes basketball play a physical contact sport. Baseball is so physically demanding on the body day in and day out. There is not one sport out there that demands as much physically on its players as hockey does. In the CHL the boys are 16-20, playing 72 games in the regular season in 6 months, long trips on the bus, homework on top of that and a workout schedule daily that would burn out most athletes. That’s not even pro. Then comes the NHL, 82 game regular seasons, then the off-season picks up at a higher rate of demands that even the most veteran player struggles with. There are times in the off-season; games have gone into triple overtime – that for you non-hockey people means they have played 6 – 20 min periods; the players are being rehydrated in the intermissions intravenously just too physically keep going. Hockey is not for the weak at heart as a player or a fan.

There isn’t a hockey fan out there that doesn’t enjoy a good “tilly” (fight). Even as a mom I know that when my son gets to that stage in this great game and it’s his turn to fight, I will be okay with it, as strange as that may sound. I also know Aust will not be the type to instigate fights, not his style, but I am pretty sure he will be okay at finishing ones he gets himself into. Hockey fans are a one of a kind breed in all aspects of the game.

To say I am excited to see NHL hockey back on is an understatement. I wish the league and owners and players could have agreed on something earlier, but I will take a 48 game season over no season at all.

There have been a ton of ads and posters promoting this weekend’s start of the 2013 NHL Season, I saw this video last night and it brings a sense of pride as a fan and as a mother of an 11yr old hockey player. There is just something about this sport and the boys and men who play it every day. As the video says “There are people out there who look at something like hockey and they want it to matter, and so it does.”

I have included the words, they have a lot of truth behind them for the fans and for the players; the NHL did a great job at putting this video together.

“People follow a sport like hockey, they look for symbolism –
They want the game to mean something.
They want the game to matter.
Then as a fresh sheet of ice just after the Zamboni has laid its last spray of water presents the purest sense of possibilities .
They can imagine skates being sharpened over and over and over again are a meditation of perfection.
The routines and rituals that surround the rink are a language on dedication in need of no translation.
To them games aren’t meant to be seen, they are meant to be felt.
Blood points a path directly to the heart.
Sweat a trail to the soul.
And tears, a connection to a conviction that people search for their entire lives.
The ones who look for something more and believe in something more, are the ones who turn close games into unforgettable night.
Who transform great players into hero’s for all time and who no matter what maintain unwavering faith in the incredible.
There are people out there who look at something like hockey and they want it to matter… So it DOES.


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