Three Months at a Time.

Ok, I know last time I posted, 3 months ago I promised I would post more, and well I guess I didn’t live up to my promise. I feel bad about that, because if there is one thing about me, I don’t break promises. So sorry about that and now moving on. In the last 3 months so much has happened. I have gotten use to staying at home. Still looking for a job, but also enjoying being able to take Aust to school and pick him up. Never being late to hockey practice and being able to actually spend time with Aust and J. Weird concept for all of us! In the last three months lets see what else has gone on, Aust made the travel team for hockey – so he has practice 3x a week, has played in 1 tournament so far and they came in 2nd. He is co-captain with another 2nd year and that is what he needs to work on the most. Don’t get me wrong, he needs to practice on all areas of his game, as any good athlete should! He needs to work on his leadership role and coming out of his shell more, when it comes to personalities and other players. He needs to be a leader on and off the ice and I think he has done fairly well at that. He stays on the ice after practice to help pick up pucks etc. Aust started 4th grade and turned 10 all in 2 weeks. He is struggling with this year in school. I am use to him being pretty much an all A student with a B thrown in there for good measure! At A’s school they typically teach up as far as ahead of what would be at a public school and Aust excels in Math and Spelling, just wait til he hits everyone up again for his spell-a-thon. Think he make $300 last year! He amazed me with how easily he can spell. I am so used to spell check! Anyways, in 4th grade at Phonics Phactory they start teaching Science in a different method - more comprehensive than ever before and my kid is LAZY when it comes to thinking - unless it has to do with how he can improve his dangles, toe-drags, snipes, wrister, fake leg kicks, fast wheels, or figure out how to have flow during the school year. He has an excellent grade in Spelling and Math and actually all subjects but SCIENCE, it is our nemesis and it is killing all of us. We spend hours doing homework and studying for tests. Not because it's actually hard, ok well I might flunk some of these tests! But because if the question has why in it, Aust shuts down and decides to waste his time and ours with 3 hours of struggling instead of just giving in. We have met with his teachers and the owner for help. We have gotten a lot and feel very blessed that he goes where he goes, so we could get immediate feedback and get this straightened out. It's getting better, still a struggle we are not used to. He likes to use the statement "I am not smart" which would be great except it's the exact opposite of who he is. Today he actually said, I'm going to stop saying that because I don't really think that, I think I a smart, just lazy!!! Ya, I think we are reaching him.

Moving on to happier things, Aust turned 10 and had a huge scavenger hunt party in the form on FBI! Thank you for everyone helping me pull it off from all the “Commanders” to Sean with the invites, it was a great success and he had so much fun. He was saving up for an X-Box and had about 1/3 of the money already, thanks to his birthday presents he was able to save enough money and purchased his X-Box 360 with Kinetc last week. So excited!!! The weekend before school he flew by himself to Phoenix to spend time with J’s dad and stepmom. Aust has probably only seen a dozen times since he was born, they moved 2 weeks before he was born. He talks to them on the phone and loves talking sports with grandpa Don and was so excited to go to a Diamondbacks game. He had a blast the 4 days he was there. While he was gone we went on the school camping trip without him! It was very nice. We took Rocky with us, thinking we don’t have too much time left with him, it was hard on his 14yr old bones, but I think he liked it.

Not too much with J or I. J has had a lot of overtime lately with either recruits and or court, grateful for the extra money right now. Umm what else. The move went well and we are getting use to a smaller house. It was really different at first, only having half the space you are used to, it makes you examine what you really need and what you can live without – for example a microwave. The house doesn’t have one and if you know me, I don’t use one anyways and when I do I burn everything in it. J and Aust on the other hand are dying… I think it’s a good thin there is no room for one!!! I think over all everyone including the animals have adjusted nicely to the new house and neighborhood.

Oh ya, 1 last thing, I went to the Bahamas on a cruise with my best and longest friend that I have! Thank you very much TJ for allowing me to be able to go with you, I will return the favor one day! We had so much fun, it was relaxing and beautiful and I want to go back again. We swam with the stingrays and just chilled out for 4 days, it was perfect. Very thankful for Tracy and our friendship. We don’t see each other very often and don’t always talk, but it’s like we never were apart!

I guess that’s if for today. I am saying I will keep up, maybe not everyday, but at least a once a week check in with pic!!!

Livin ALOHA each and every day.



One thought on “Three Months at a Time.

  1. I had a great time too and you have more than returned the favor in so many ways. And definitely want to do it again too!! Love ya! :o)

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