I can’t believe I haven’t written anything since April… I am very sorry for not keeping anyone up to date with the busy, crazy life of The Picks. So much things have happened in the last 3 months.

Let’s see May, Austin had his 2nd month of Canadian Spring hockey, going up twice a week, and had 1 tourney. He had baseball and made the Honours team. He had the end of school!

J had softball and being on light duty and physical therapy twice a week. Driving Aust to Canada twice a week, it was good father-son bonding time! J also got a big award at work and I surprised him with a visit from Gasp and Kelsey, it was an awesome quick 3 days with them, but it rocked!

For me, I had play-offs until the 13th of May, then a week of ending the season and then to Canada for 5 days! Then adjusting to the off-season.

June brought more Canadian Spring Hockey for Aust and more Honours baseball. Aust had 1 more tournament and got to play during game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final viewing game in Vancouver BC at Rogers Arena, in front of 18k people and scored the only goal for his team!!!

J still on light duty and physio twice a week and softball!

Me, just working!

July, started out in Canada 🙂 Austin had camp at Edge of Excellence in Kelowna, which is where he wants to go to school/hockey in a few years. We went up on the 29th of June with our good friends The Elliotts, as their son Jake attended the camp for the first time. It was a great time hangin with good friends in my favorite city. The day we came back, we looked at a new house. Our lease is up on the house we have now and it is too big with not having Ian and Gasper here. We need to downsize for multiple reasons, we are striving to pay off all of our debt, and I want to live a simpler life. Since we got back from Kelowna, and found the new house, we have been doing nothing but going through everything, literally everything we own and making some tough decisions on what we need/want. We have been packing and had 2 garage sale days, sold quite a bit of our things.

Austin also had another week of hockey camp which he loves and was player of the day one day. Then followed that with a week of baseball camp and had a lot of fun with that too. I am very proud of the little athlete he is becoming!!!

July ended on a sad note, compared to the way it started. I was let go from the team. The team is going in a different direction as far as staff and they combined positions and I was let go in the process. It has been a hard/sad week since I was let go. I really am okay with not being with the team, I was looking for a different job as it was. I need to be in a M-F 8-5 job so I can be there for Austin more, and make more money would be great. I am sad about leaving the boys and will miss them and their great parents. I have made great friends because of the team that will last a lifetime. Thank you to all of them and to this is no way good bye. I have to work, in order to pay for the sacrifices we have committed to, Austin’s education and his hockey. I am in the process of applying for approximately 5-10 jobs a day, hope one pans out soon.

The only good benefit of not having a job right now is being able to finish packing and moving and cleaning. We should get the keys on Friday and have to be out of this house on Sunday. I am so done with packing and cleaning and living in boxes, I just want in the new house… Speaking of the new house, it’s cute, it will be an adjustment and there are somethings we need to work on – PAINT being one of them…

I have a lot of pictures to post to cover the last 3 months, I will figure out how to do that from our Ipad or something. Stay tuned for that.

Also I will post more regularly and the next post will be of the new house!!!


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