A 3rd grade journey comes to an end today…

I need to express how proud I am of my son… 

Austin’s last day of 3rd grade is today.  Yes he is in the 3rd grade despite the fact he is almost 10, he has a late birthday. I was always opposed to him starting one year later, I didn’t want an 18-year-old senior – his entire senior year!!! I was always against it, and I think if he would have started and continued in the public school system I would have pushed for him to be moved up a year. I am glad he is where he is, it’s what was meant to be and thank you for all the teaching and support that all the teachers have always given Aust and us at Mayer Christian Schools.

I know I can and do go on and on about how great his school is it is the best thing for him and us and it ROCKS!!! I can’t say anything negative about the school.  Are there days I wish he didn’t have a ton of homework – yes, are there days I can’t help him with that homework – yes, but it’s all good and he and J and I are all better for it.

I am so proud of all the kids that go to Mayer Christian Schools, they have all excelled and become better people for being taught by great teachers. I am proud of all that they accomplish as individuals and as a school. I am happy for the ones that have gotten recognized for being outstanding in certain areas. It is awesome to see the numbers of kids that get recognized and awarded for the outstanding job they have done in all different kinds of areas. 

The award ceremony was the other day and I knew Aust would be disappointed that he wasn’t getting anything. So we had a little talk on the way to school so he would be prepared. Some of the awards are reading all the core books, or perfect attendance, scholar of the year (perfect grades pretty much), and 100% on the 12 weeks worth of Biblical questions from youth group. He seemed okay with it in the car the morning of the ceremony. When I saw him that night, it was a different story, he was disappointed and sad. We had another discussion about that if he sets his mind to it, he can try his hardest to achieve at least 1 award.  So that is the plan!

My whole intention for writing this blog today was to tell you about Austin’s life in a nut shell. I know everyone hears and sees and listens to me talk about his schedule and hockey and school and this and that in his life – our life. I want to break it down for you and realize he didn’t get any awards from school and he finally after 6 years of working hard on the ice got 2 awards in his last tournament.  This kid amazes me day in and day out and this is why…

School even at 3 days a week is no cake-walk, it’s hard, it’s a lot, a lot of learning a lot of work in class and a lot of work done at home, projects and book reports that are not just answering 3 questions. You might think to yourself, it’s only 3rd grade, but it’s so much more than that. He took on 3 extra things this school year at school – he had drama which took up a lot of extra time rehearsal twice a week and then the last few weeks before his play it took up days of his time after school. Then he took floor hockey which was one day a week and didn’t pan out for a few reasons out of his control. Then came M+M club – which is youth group for you non Mayer Christian Schoolers! It was only once a week, but they had 10 questions about the book of Exodus that they had to answer each week. You got so many points for correct answers, for bringing your bible and for wearing your M+M shirt. The kid, the kid that doesn’t know much about the bible, the one that hadn’t gone to youth group ever until a few months ago, answered 119 out of 120 questions right. He only missed 1 question out of 12 weeks, always remembered his bible and wore his t-shirt. He got to enjoy 2 different parties because of it – a skating party and a swim party!!! In the end, he was disappointed for not getting a certificate for getting all the questions correct. In my mind he did ace it, he did so awesome and I am so proud of him. In the middle of all this school he had sports, if you even remotely know my son, he is so athletic.

Hockey for Austin started before school did. Being on a travel team he had practices two times during the week, one time it got done fairly close to bedtime. He also had skating lessons once a week and another skills lesson another day. Add that up… 4 out of 7 days he was on the ice. Then take the time he had out-of-town tournaments and or games, they played something like 48 games, with only 6-8 being here in Portland in 5.5 months. Austin missed some school outings and classmates birthday parties because of it. He had late bed times and did homework in the car and in hotel rooms, hockey rinks and locker rooms just to get it done. The in the Spring baseball started, so that was practice 2 days a week and games up to four times a week, with games getting done at 8:30. Then at the same time he started playing Spring hockey for a BC team, and is up and back twice a week – he has had 15 hour days each Monday and Friday since April with 12 of those hours being in a car. He has learned to get so much accomplished in the car it’s impressive.

He has worked his butt off on the ice and had fun doing it, he has had fun on the baseball field learning a new sport. He has learned so much from such a great school and an outstanding 3rd grade teacher. It has been a great, tough, long, draining, worth it year.

His grades aren’t perfect by no means, but they are outstanding. In his school a letter grade of “C’ is equivalent to an “A” in public school… Yet in my eyes a “C” is not acceptable, I know that may sound harsh and at times maybe it is, but I know my kid and I know he can do better than that. He has made the honor roll 3 out of 4 quarters this year, with only missing it by a small margin the first time. He has struggled to keep his grades up as retention in some subjects just doesn’t come natural. He is extremely smart, he is a boy though and likes to rush through everything just to be done with it, when he slows down and pays attention, he pulls the grades I know he can pull. He usually pulls more A’s than B’s and has a decent GPA.

The best compliment we got as parents this year was from his teacher who said ” I was concerned with how Austin’s hockey schedule would affect his school work, yet he always has his homework in on time and is always here, good job.” That meant more to me than anything. Is hockey Austin’s life, yes it is and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. School though will always come first. He has never missed a day because of school because of hockey – at least not yet. He is able to play BC hockey this Spring because of his school schedule and BC hockey has been phenomenal.

I know I have just went off track about 1000 times, here is my point and I am not trying to offend anyone else who is proud fo their own children, every parent I know is so proud and should be, if you aren’t you need to look at yourself. I am also not saying he is the only kid with a crazy schedule, cause I know he isn’t. What I am saying is, I can’t post on FB or tell anyone how great it is my kid got awards at school the other day, because he didn’t. But what I can say is, I am SO PROUD of AUSTIN, for having the most rigorous schedule both academically and athletically for any 9-year-old I know and still pull awesome grades at a high level and excel on the ice also. I AM PROUD OF YOU SO MUCH… I LOVE YOU LITTLE BOY!!!


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