April… Is it really over?

I know that I am beginning to have a pattern and it is not one I am liking. I did really well with blog updates at the beginning of the year and I was on top of everything. Now it seems I have seriously lacked anything since the beginning of March. I could find a million and one things to blame it on, play-offs that are still going on – YAY US, Austin’s schedule is out of control – Canadian hockey and American baseball, school activities for Aust, to include his school auction, me having a personal life – oh wait ya that doesn’t happen, so that’s not getting in the way! Getting ready for summer camps and vacations – oh wait hockey camp is my vacation. Ok, I’m really not complaining, I just need to get it together and be better Mange! (if you know what that is in reference too, yay you!)

So let’s recap April and I will be more active in May (I am pretty sure I said that a month ago, but well hey, just go with it).

April, if I can remember was the fastest 30 days in my life – I seriously just pulled out my day planner to see what went on, because I don’t remember.  Let’s see Austin started playing on a Canadian Spring hockey team, so he and Justin go up and back on each Monday and Friday for practice – it is a grueling 15 hour day, but it is worth every American/Canadian cent we are paying and it is worth every minute of the 900 mins they spend on Monday and Friday together – let’s look at it this way, Justin use to be the super busy one with work when Aust was younger, now it’s me and they get great father/son time each Monday and Friday, typical routine for them, is up around 8am, make sandwiches for lunch, pack a few snacks and waters, Aust gets homework ready, the Ipad, blanket and a pillow packed in the car. They leave the house in Gresham around 9:30, they stop usually once on the way to go to the bathroom and eat their lunch.  They get to the border around 2:30, and arrive at the rink for pracy at around 3. They stretch their legs and Aust gets ready to go on the ice. practice is from 4:15 – 5:15, and he gets worked and he pushes back and works his butt off. He loves it, he loves everything about the team, coaches, players, ice, drills. After 60 mins of the most intense practices he has ever had, he gets ready to go back in the car. The trip home takes longer than getting there for a few reasons, traffic is not great in lower mainland BC, I am pretty sure the entire Provence of BC is under construction, border wait is always more than when going up, they visit the duty-free store to help with the wait and we are constructing  a present – can’t say what incase the recipient is reading, I’ll post pics sometime in June when it’s done! They also stop for gas and dinner once back in The States. Aust does whatever homework he can in the car, which will not include his cursive homework – you are welcome Mrs. Foster! J quizzes him on any tests he has coming up, they listen to any Hawks games on the via the web, and or Mariners games on the XM. On Monday nights, its lights out and all electronics put away at 9, because of school the next day, Fridays, he usually falls asleep about 10. Back to the border for a minute, how sad is it that some of the border agents know Aust and J so much, that when they pass through they make a comment to Aust about practice! When they both get home, they are both beat and it makes for a very long week. He has this for 10 weeks and we are half way through at this point. It’s a push, and I know that’s easy for me to say, because I am the one sitting at work on those days, I don’t envy the drive at all, but in the end hockey once again has made for another awesome relationship – this time between father and son.

While on the subject of hockey, I have 2 more things to talk about, first Austin had his first hockey tournament playing for a Canadian team, his team had only practiced together 3 times and didn’t fare very well against the other teams that have been together for 3 years and have been practicing since Sept. But Aust did get MVP from his last game, which he played like a man-child, he played one of the best games I have ever seen him play. He also got hardest working player on his team and got the hard hat for it, and because they don’t have another game for a month, he gets to keep it that long!

The Winterhawks, what can I say… it’s been a great season thus far and to be still having games in May is awesome. I started with this team the season we had only won 11 games, to be at this place where we are right now is indescribable. It has taken a lot of hard work from the obvious to the not so obvious. The players deserve all the credit, but with that being said, so does the entire staff, it takes a village to raise a banner – and we get to raise at least 2 next season. U.S. Division Champs and Western Conference Champs. I am very superstitious, never was until hockey. It’s all about not jinxing something. everything is done for a reason, my biggest superstition is not being too cocky about this, I do everything as if the season will be over after game 4 of each round.  If I have wasted my time to get the boys ready to go home, then YAY me, it was the best waste of time ever. If not, I am prepared and ready like I should be and need to be. It’s been a long time coming with this team, this season that is, it’s been a long time since we have had the respect we deserve, it’s a lot easier to work for a winning team than a losing team, but in Major Junior Hockey, with the team dynamic always changing, it doesn’t last… So you have to take it all in when you can and take nothing for granted, I have the same frame of mind the boys and coaches do – it’s one game at a time, that’s all you can worry about. (On a professional side, I have to worry about all 7 games and hotels and itineraries and buses and…).  I am not taking any pride or glory away from anyone, especially coaches and players, but what I will say is this, having been at the lowest of lows with this team, each victory we have achieved this season means so much more to me  than a lot of people can understand. With that being said – Here is to round 4 – not even the FINALS, it’s just a game in another round… Everything you need is already inside – “dig deep”.

Let’s see, what else happened in April… J went back to work on light duty, after his surgery. Happy for him they needed him in detectives working on a case that is about to reach its statute of limitations, so he is in there and loving it, he will be on light duty until at least the middle of  June, he is hoping to stay in detectives as long as he can. Austin has been playing baseball for an entire month know and he likes it, he needs more practice! I have been helping on Austin’s school auction which is on May 21st and should be a great time!

 I started writing this on May 5th, here it is May 9th and I have not published this blog… I have a few more I would like to write, so I better finish up April so I can get to stuff this month!!!


One thought on “April… Is it really over?

  1. This was so much fun to read! Thanks for posting, I miss knowing what has been going on in your life! And I miss you TONS! Yah for Justin working a case in detectives! Tell him congrats for me! 😀 I can’t believe Aust has being playing for his Canadian team for 5 weeks already… WOW… time really does fly! Im so glad he is still enjoying baseball! Say hi to him for me and remind him that I am SO proud of him. 🙂


    ❤ T

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