Swing Batter Batter, Swing…

One thing about baseball that I don’t get is all the little sayings the fans need to say. Like Swing Batter, Batter, Swing… Come on now, here we go now. What, really, just be quite…  I am a hockey mom through and through, I get it, I get the sport I get every aspect of the sport. There is no endless chatter just for the sake of chatter during a hockey game. You might figure that because of my normal way I attack life that I would be that way as Austin’s mom in sports. Quite the opposite, he would kill me if I was obnoxious during one of his hockey games, if he could here me.  He is the clue to parents, your kids can’t hear you. What ever the sport is, they are or should be focused on playing that sport – so keep your quarterback comments to yourself.  The most you will ever hear me say at a hockey game is skate, when I think he isn’t skating to his full potential. Which is stupid, and I know it is because he can’t hear me and even if he could he would choose to ignore me anyways, which he should I AM NOT HIS COACH!!! Even when he scores I don’t make a big deal and the thing is neither does he. He knows he did his job and now it’s time to do it again. Same thing applies in baseball, this is a whole new world to all of us – okay not J, but to me and Aust and I have said a few things, because it is easier for him to hear me when he is up to bat, but I don’t expect him to hear me. I certainly don’t do all the useless, annoying chatter that goes on during a youth baseball game… Can someone please tell me what is up with all the yapping going on, it’s more annoying than it is helping, I get you are trying to distract the batter, but then wouldn’t that be distracting the pitcher, or the catcher or for the love of hamsters, the kid on 3rd base who is tying his shoes, while there is a runner on 2nd and the pitcher is about to pitch. It’s youth baseball, for Aust it’s 9yr old baseball, most of the time, I am looking for the movie cameras to come out and the set director to yell CUT, because this is some PNW version of the Bad News Bears. The only difference is somehow we keep winning. luck maybe.

Before tonight’s game, Aust has played 1 exhibition game and 2 regular games. He is in a tough spot this season. He has wanted to play baseball for sometime now and because you have to sign up in January, I always forget, it’s right in the middle of hockey season and we are never around for try-outs. So this year I had it marked and he was signed up and went to both try-out dates and everything was good to go. Except, we had no idea he would be playing on a Canadian Spring hockey team and that baseball is 4 games a week.  So he is missing usually just 1 game a week, this week it’s 3 because he has a tournament in B.C.  When I told one of the coaches last week, I get this stare like I had just told him the entire World Series was rained out. Come on guy, this is 9yr old little league, the kids are not on their way to the LL World Series by any means. Well come to find out a few days later the coach emails J and tells him they are trying to figure out how to get Austin to play the required amount of games to make it on the All Star team. WHAT, he’s played 3 games, he is by no means an All Star, he’s decent, he can hit with power, he needs to work on his throwing, but All Star. So now there is a push for that, when did I produce a mutant athlete. Yes I ran track and played volleyball, but not an All Star at either. J played football and baseball and was pretty good, but still. Because he misses practice on Friday’s, they asked for him to come out on Thursday to work on his pitching, because they wanted him to start on Saturday. He did and J said he did fine during practice. Saturday was going to be another adventure.

I felt like a goalie mom Dawn you know what I mean! All eyes on him. I was so nervous, most kids at this age walk more kids than they do anything else. Well so here is Austin, and if you know him even a little, he is a very serious kid most of the time, especially if he doesn’t understand something, is nervous or is new at it. He is harder on himself when it comes to sports than we will ever be. So Saturday, he is warming up on the mound and you can see it in his face. He is so serious, coach is telling him a few things, and he looks decent. First batter up, strike-out, 2nd batter, strike out, third batter – makes contact and is an error at 2nd, batter goes to 1st. 4th batter, strike-out – and they are done. 2nd inning, 1st batter – strike-out, 2, 3 and 4th batter he walks, bases loaded, and the score is 5-0… 5th batter – strike-out and 6th batter and… wait for it… STRIKE OUT!!! He had to pitch to 10 batters and allowed zero runs. Not bad for first time ever pitching. He likes it and is excited to do it again. They did win, they only play 4 innings they have a 2.5 hour limit and that’s all they usually have time for is 4 innings which constitutes a game. He plays tonight, I don’t know they will have him pitch again this soon, because he missed Monday’s game. But all in all, he is liking it. He got a sweet double the other day also and ended up getting hit again from a pitch, nasty little bruise.

After the game they hand out the game ball to the player who played his heart out and because he did so awesome first time pitching, he got the ball. He has carried that thing around with him everyday since then! He’s not excited or anything! I am glad he has found another outlet to put his heart into.

Until next time, here are some random baseball pics from his first 3 games.


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