March… is it really over?

The month of March went by so freaking fast. I swear it was just Valentines Day. It must have been a very busy month as I had no time to write and I was doing so good at updating things going on in our crazy life. So for the sake of ease and not to bombard myself and everyone else with 10 blogs on different events that happened in March I am just going to do a quick synopsis of what happened in March and the pics to go along with it! Hope you enjoy and lets start over with a great April…

Austin had 2 games in Wenatchee (which for those of you that don’t know is in the middle of no-where North-Eastern Washington. Well lucky for us, the Special Olympics were going on there and we had to stay in Leavenworth WA. Which is one of my absolute favorite towns ever. It is a town in the middle of no-where Washington also about 30 mins from Wenatchee, it is has been done to look like a Bavarian village, all the way down to the McDonald’s. We use to go there for Thanksgiving when Austin was like 3 and 4. LOVE IT. So back to the trip. Aust had two games on a Sunday. Which meant we drive for 5.5 hours Saturday night, eat dinner at the only place that is open – McDonald’s and if you know me, you know I don’t eat a lot of fast food. We got to Leavenworth about 9pm, I’m sure everything closed at about 7! We made the most of it and walked downtown where there was still snow in the middle of town! We got up the next morning bright and early, ate breakfast with A’s team and then headed to Wenatchee.  The boys had a game in the morning then a couple of hour break and then another game, all against Spokane. Then the lovely 5.5 hr drive home. Lucky for Aust he doesn’t have school on Mondays!  Aust played well and had 2 goals, one was the tying goal on the 2nd game which was a sick backhand top shelf and his favorite goal to get – the tying goal to get your team back in the game… Sometimes I am pretty sure his mind is not that of a 9 yr old!  The boys won the first, and tied the 2nd. It was a fun time, getting toward the end of the regular hockey season.  During our break in between games a few of the team went to Sonic for lunch, which was a huge mistake, they were out of everything, I think it might have been because of all the people in town for the Warrant concert – hahaha, ok maybe because of the Special Olympics. We did stop at the gas station to get Aust his pre-game Mt. Dew and the chick behind the counter asks why it’s been so busy, then follows that up with maybe because of the Warrant concert last night… YA OK.. On our way back we stopped to go to the bathroom at Snoqualmie Pass, so we took some pics of the huge amount of snow that was on the side of the road.

The next weekend we were in Everett for 1 game against Port Moody at the Comcast Arena, I have no pics of this, I hung out with my ticket guy from the Tips that use to work for us! It was awesome, the game was a weird game… We had awhile before Aust’s team was going to watch the Winterhawks play against Everett, so we went to Seattle and hung out on the pier for an hour or so.  Took a few cute pics!

Then it was St. Patrick’s day, well at least at Aust’s school it was. Remember we celebrate things a few days early sometimes when you only go to school T, W, T.  If you don’t already know Aust has to wear a uniform at school and I for one love it!!! My kid has his own fashion sence and I don’t want to fight with it in the morning, so having a uniform ends that all together. On the first Thursday of every month they get to wear pants if they want, well that is like pulling teeth for my kid, he doesn’t wear pants very often let’s leave it at that. On the Thursday before St. Patrick’s day he got to wear jeans, a green shirt and it was crazy hat day. He was concerned about not having a crazy hat, I reminded him his one “older brother” left the best crazy hat ever!!!

To finish off the month and Austin’s regular season of hockey, they went to his tournament in Coquitlam BC, I had to stay at home, because we had the last 2 home games, which means that I did get a day to myself which was nice and weird, not much work, no hockey and no work… a little lost to say the least.  I don’t have any pics of the last trip to Coquitlam for the reg season, or of us winning the US DIVISION TITLE for the WHL. It was the best way to end the month. Here’s to the a good, busy and productive month. Hope you enjoy the pics.


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