Atypical weekend

Last weekend was a very atypical weekend for us, then again I’m not sure what is typical around our house, except for never being there, oh wait that is why last weekend was non-typical! I had Friday night off and J took the night off also, I went and hung out with Katie at the mall, went shopping and got pedis and had an absolutely fabulous time! There were pictures taken, I can’t post them, as we had a friend that doesn’t want anyone to see the pictures, oh well, use your imagination.  While I was hangin with Katie, J and Aust went and looked for new shoes, the little one needs shoes BAD, he is so hard on shoes, I am sure so are other 9 yr olds, but I only have to deal with that one and uuhhh, it seems like between his feet growing every day and how hard he plays, we buy shoes every month. They also hit up the batting cages, as Austin had baseball try-outs on Saturday and Sunday.  I almost forgot one huge important thing that happened on Friday, Austin got his phone, finally. I don’t want to hear, he is only 9. You are all so correct, he is only 9, and it seems he is always not around, between school, hockey etc, it always seems that I need to get ahold of him and can’t, so it was a very minimal expense to add him to J’s plan and yes it was cheaper to get him a blackberry – and since it’s the newest curve, it’s better than his dads, hahaha, take it J. Austin is so excited and loves to BBM, so if you have a blackberry and want to add him, hit me up and I’ll give you his pin#, beware, he is 9 and doesn’t get it’s annoying to bbm everyone every second of the day. The fun thing is, he doesn’t sound like a 9 yr old on the messages, which in itself is so funny, I’ll share some later.

So Saturday was a whole new experience for Aust. He had baseball try-outs, he was nervous to the point of not wanting to go, because he didn’t think he was ready. He was ready though. That kid can run faster than most kids and has a pretty good arm.  We get ready and go to the field, which is not that far from the house, yay on that, also just as a fyi Austin has only played T-ball when he was 5 and that was so different from hockey.  Try-outs are from 11 – 12:30 on both days, on Saturday we show up at 10:40 and get his number for him, J and him through the ball around to warm up, for an HOUR. Ok, I am not saying that everything starts right on time with hockey, but it pretty much does, also on time for hockey is in gear, ready to step on the ice 15 mins before practice. So all of us including Aust is a little annoyed that try-outs didn’t start until 11:30, they lasted less than an hour and all it was each kid had to catch 5 infield balls and throw to first base, catch 5 outfield balls and throw to 2nd and hit a wiffle ball off of a T 5 times. WOW, such a difference than what we are use too, such a different world. Oh and we were freezing, I know I know, I am use to a rink, but OMG, it was so windy and freezing out there both days. I love how at the end of try-outs on Saturday the coach is like make sure you are here early tomorrow – what??? We got to the field about 10:50 on Sunday and Austin still warmed up for about 20 mins, well maybe 5 only because he is so shy and would not ask anyone to warm up with him, same exact drills as on Sunday.  it will be so different to see him play another sport, he played LAX last Spring and liked it, but he has really wanted to play baseball and I always forget since everything for it is in the middle of hockey season. I am sure he will do great and have fun, and it’s a whole new learning experience for all of us.


Being shy on Sunday.

2nd day at try-outs

He can throw fairly well.

Look at my little baseball player!

Saturday, The Hawks played a huge game – in the fact that we almost sold out the MC, it was a crazy game from the sales/business side, it was fun and we won. The game was “Pink the Rink” the ice was pink and all the staff wore pink shirts to support Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Austin had asked for a pink shirt since he would be working, he looked so cute in it and his jeans!!! It was also L’Erin’s last day at work so some of us went out afterwards to say good-bye. The team left on Sunday after practice, they will be gone for a week, that usually means that my work life is a little bit calmer, at least during the day!

Jill loving me 🙂

He is so cute "working"

There he is again, he is so cute in jeans and a polo.

The little pink shirt is Aust!

Sunday was my mom’s birthday and J’s aunt Chris’s birthday too, J went to his mom’s early and looked at some really cool stuff from his grandpa, I will post pictures later. Aust, Tiff and I went to church and then headed over to J’s mom’s for dinner, we got home about 10, long day, but it was all good.  Monday was so weird for me. The office was actually closed for a holiday, so weird! So i got up, finished organizing my scrapbook room, Tiff came over we all went to Wunderland ( nickel arcade) then J and Austin went to skating lessons and practice, which Tiff and I went shopping went home and fixed dinner and scrapbooked, it was a nice relaxing day! So weird though, I though it was Sunday all day.

That was about it, pretty relaxing!!! This week is off a little, Aust has school, and the team is gone, and J has work, a lot of training lately, but then J and I are doing something this weekend without Aust, thanks to Missy, I can’t say what or else it will ruin the surprise, but it should be, no wait, it will be fun!

Until next time, have an awesome week.


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