February 14th

I am not one to be all bummed out if I don’t get an awesome Valentines present, I’m also not the one that bashes the “holiday” either.  I think if you have kids, I am really good with helping him celebrate it with his friends and whom ever he wants to be his Valentine. I am trying to teach him to be an awesome “friend” and give great trinkets when needed, not always store-bought, the handmade kind are far better than anything bought! With that being said this is what we did this year.

I worked with Austin in my office, because J had trial all day. Aust was bored to death… Just me and him in my office all day… that can be draining for both of us!  He read some and played on my I-Pod for a while, I made some practice math problems using measurement, he is having a little bit of a hard time with how many pints are in a quart/quarts in gallons etc and my being a food person, I know those so well!!! We usually don’t do anything to big on Valentines day, accept cards and a small gift for Austin!  We decided to make a couple of cheesy Valentine cards for J during the day, to say the least I was out of any imagination and all I could come up was to put the pictures below on 2 pieces of paper and put them in an envelope and then Aust drew hearts and people all over the envelopes!

The pics we used for our goofy hand made card to daddy.


I am such a dork.





Love you J


HEHEHEHEHEJust as cheesy


Just as cheesy

I usually do not go to hockey practice on Mondays, I have my reasons – that’s a whole different post!!! I decided to go since it was Valentines, didn’t feel like fighting traffic in the storm and J had to work as soon as practice was over. We had coffee and hung out for an hour. We left a little late from the rink. Austin had his 2 Valentines to give out, one to his really good friend, that he has liked forever and then one to his Valentine, he picked out 2 cards the other day, and he wouldn’t tell me which was for which, I figured it out finally but!!! He also said he wanted to get them both bracelets, we settled on necklaces, I thought they would get worn more and seen more and not as many chances to get broken. We had our great friend Dawn make 2 small charms with the girls names on them. Austin chose IZZY, instead of Isabelle, he says that’s what he calls he, not so sure he dad is going to like that!!! We went through all of my little charms in my scrapbooking things and he picked out the sunflower to go with Isabelles and the very faint heart to go with Allie’s. He picked out the necklaces and the small containers. On Sunday, he picked out everything to make the tags and did that, he picked out the candy and finished the presents off. We stopped by both girls houses, which luckily they live very close to each other because it was 8pm by the time we got there! He did a really good job with everything, he really does have a heart of gold somewhere underneath the shy, very boy, hockey player that he is!!!

Isabelles name charm, before Aust added the sunflower (thanks Dawn)

Isabelle's custom name charm with the added sunflower charm!

Isabelles tag for her little bucket of candy!

Isabelle's Card and Present

Allie's custom name charm, thanks Dawn

Allies charm with the heart attached.

Sorry about the bad picture, clear things are hard to take pics of - Allie's tag for her present.

Allies card and present

Allie and Isabelle's cute little Valentines from Aust

At Allie’s she gave him a pencil and some cookies – he would not share at all, and he started using his pencil right away!!!
J and I both got these hearts for our Valentines last week, love mine, it’s up on my bulletin board at work.
Love ❤ LOVE ❤ LOVE ❤

Hope everyone had a great Valentines day, however you want to celebrate it!!!


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