Seattle for less than 24!

The life of a youth hockey player on a travel team, never home! Actually it’s been kinda weird, we traveled a lot the first part of the season, 3 tournaments and a lot of round robins, between lower mainland B.C. and Spokane, it seemed like we were gone almost every weekend from October through December. We had our own tournament the first weekend of the new year and then one other weekend of home games this year (2011). We had a trip a few weeks ago up and back to Lynwood in a day for 1 game, but it’s been pretty calm, we played the Junior T-birds last night and this morning in Seattle.  The problem with a small organization like ours is there is no teams close and since we are relatively close to B.C. that’s were the competition is, and they have so many other teams they can play, they don’t like to come here to play. Austin and his team will play around 40 games this season with only 7 of those here in town. A few things with that, not many people get to watch him play and it becomes very expensive and time-consuming always being on the road.

Our room, it was a King bed with a pull out sofa sleeper for Aust.

Sorry about the flash, this was the kitchen in the suite.

So this weekend it was Seattle for two games, last night at 6pm and this morning at 8:45am.  We stayed in an extremely nice hotel,Residence Inn – Seattle Bellevue it was a suite with a kitchen, there was a gaming room in the lobby for the kids with 4 X-boxes, including Kinect. Which by the way, Austin either extremely bruised or broke his big toe on his right foot. Not sure of which, he was in a lot of pain last night and a lot more this morning. We told him it would be stiff this morning, and that unfortunately the thing with toes is, there is nothing you can do. The doctor can’t do anything… So he had the choice to tough it out and play today and continue to skate, and if needed we can ice it after, or be done with the season and not be able to start the baseball season on time.  He is the tough hockey player I know he is and he played, and skated just fine. We iced it on the way home in the car and it is very bruised and he can’t really move it and it’s swollen…

So J got home at 8am from work and went to bed until noon, Austin and I hung out and did laundry. We left about 1pm, the weather wasn’t bad most of the trip, until we got closer to the rink in Renton, WA. Team rules are – you are at the rink an hour before game time so you can warm up. We got there at about 4. We have played the Jr. T-Birds before yesterday 4 times, tied 1, lost 1 and won twice. We went into yesterdays game down 2 players, 1 with an injury and 1 not able to be there. We dominated that game, we were on fire. We won 4-0!!! Austin had an awesome game, he played very physical on the boards and very positionaly sound for the most part, had quite a few decent SOG and got the game winner! We had eaten lunch late, so we didn’t go out with everyone for dinner at the restaurant we went and checked in to our very nice hotel in Bellevue that we were in for 9.5 hours…

Pre-Game Routine, having dad tie his skates as he listens to his favorite pre-game music!

We then went and tried finding something lite and quick to eat, we ended up at Bellevue Square Shopping Center. SO NICE… I wish I had enough money to shop there! We ate outside at this place called Dog in the Park. It was part of the shopping center, but it was only like a storefront you accessed from the front and it was freezing cold outside, at least it wasn’t raining, but it was windy. The tables they had were under cover!!! Aust and I had chili cheese dogs and J had Louisiana spicy sausage. They were awesome and most of you know I hate hot dogs!

Goofy pic of Austin and J outside freezing, eating our dogs!

OK, so my eyes are ridiculous, because I was SO COLD, I have on long sleeve shirt, sheatshirt, toque, and my down rink coat and still cold.


Sorry for the blurriness, it was COLD, but the buildings downtown Bellevue were so pretty.

We ended up back at the hotel, Aust played in the gaming room for about 45 mins, then he went to bed and we watched “Up in the Air” different movie, not one of Clooney’s best. Got up extremely early, had breakfast at 7am and headed to the rink at 7:15, had to be there at 7:45, game at 8:45. The boys didn’t come out real strong and the T-Birds did, we put the first goal on the board and it went from there, we ended up losing 4-3. Aust played decent, the team as a whole was a little off.

We left Renton around 10:30, stopped in Chehalis at a few of the outlet stores grabbed lunch and got home around 3. J and I took a quick nap before going to church tonight. Came home and Austin finished his 2 special Valentines for tomorrow while we are watching the Grammy’s and I am writing this.

No hockey games for him for 2 weeks, then it’s the long haul, he has 4 games and 1 tournament in the month of March, we are gone every weekend and then some, it’s also the end of the regular season for me and the start of playoffs on March 25th. The next few weeks aren’t too bad, good thing!


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