VALENTINES DAY PARTY in A’s 3rd grade class!!!


If you know me, you know I am the first one to volunteer for anything, especially when it comes to A’s school. Drives J crazy sometimes, because I kind of include him most times when I volunteer! For example, we were both at the Christmas class party planning meeting and then because the team had a game on the actual party day and J was on vacation, he got volunteered to help out during class, with all the other moms!!! Back to this holiday, I couldn’t attend the meeting for this party, but I let it be known, that I would bring the water and a snack or whatever! Well I got an email from Austin’s awesome teacher and was asked to bring the water and stuff to make fruit kabob, for the heathy snack.

Of course being my kid, he can’t have store-bought Valentines that just wouldn’t be right! So I gave him several ideas on what he could make and he picked 2 different ideas, 1 – girl idea, 1 – boy idea, and a whole separate idea for Mrs. Foster’s Valentine! We did these last weekend so they were all done and there was no rushing, because of his school/hockey/elective schedule and my work schedule our weeks usually leave little time to get things done before bed, you must be extremely organized to be in our family, (ok I am seriously lying about that, I am the only organized one, I am trying my hardest to make sure Austin is getting organized and well J… that’s a whole different story).

So, yesterday I went and purchased all the fruit – oranges, apples, strawberries, grapes, star fruit, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple and blueberries. I made 1 chocolate dipped strawberry for each classmate and I also found pink marshmallow hearts and some of those half-dipped in chocolate also.  You know I could not just cut the fruit into chunks, it had to be creative! The melons and pineapple were all cut into the shapes of either hearts, x’s and o’s or flowers!  I also got a little creative with the water bottles and thanks to Tiffany’s help, they each had festive wrappers with cute heart labels with their names on them!

Just the boys water bottles.

Just the girls water bottles

The water bottles up close!

All the water bottles together.

X's and O's watermellon

All the fruit set up for the kabob station! (Not sure why these are blury)

The whole food table.

Another mom made yummy rice crispy treats with pink and purple nerds!

The pink marshmellows half chocolate dipped

Rhylan, LeAnna and Kaylin getting their fruit kabobs

Austin picked these cute little “rockets” made up of a package of Mento’s and Hershey Kisses (with caramel). Austin cut out the black “wrappers” and wrote on them and drew out the flames, he stuck the little fuzzy guy on and the Hershey Kiss. Tiffany and I taped the black “wrappers” and the flames, because they were a little tricky, because of the paper being so stiff.

All the boys "rocket" Valentines

Austin picked out the words!

Easier way to read them!

He then picked out these cute heart Valentines that have a barrettes on them, that we glued hearts on. He used my Cricut to cut out the Valentines, wrote on them decorated them with the heart stickers and picked out which hearts went on the barrettes he chose. Tiffany and I hot glued the hearts on the barrettes, and maybe used a little too much hot glue!!!

The girls' hearts!

For Mrs. Foster’s gift I traced out Austin’s hands and he wrote on them. That is a new fragrance at Bath and Body Works, makes me want to go to Maui RIGHT NOW!!!

So Cheesy!!!

I took a longer lunch today, so I could help out during class and got some great pictures. It is always fun to help out a few times during the year in A’s class. I love that school as you all know. I obviously see A’s personality at home and at hockey, but school, not so much. I always hear nice things from his teachers and other parents, but it’s nice to see a whole different side to him. I had an extremely nice mother that must help out quite a bit, say that she absolutely loves Austins personality that it’s infectious… 🙂

Such a ham

They did a craft today during the party, they were given large “lace dollie” paper hearts and decorated them! They are sweet. They also played a few games, pin the heart on the animal! Who can stack the most conversation hearts the fastest and highest! Bingo with conversation hearts! Then famous couples, this was the best. There were mostly Disney characters, we attached the names to the back of the kids and they had to ask everyone else questions to figure out who they were. For a laugh, I put Princess Fiona on Austin, the whole class was roaring! They all had a lot of fun with that, Mrs. Foster was Cinderella!

Emily's Valentine heart craft! Very cute!!!

Everyone quietly playing conversation heart bingo!

I love this picture of Emily

Playing famous couples.

I am so glad I got to help out, it was fun and I think all the kids had a great time!

More on Valentines in a few days.


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