2nd Quarter Honor Roll

I checked Austin’s school’s website as I do everyday and today 2nd Quarter Honor Roll was up. I knew his name should be on there and it was!!!  He made it with a 3.67, cut off is 3.5.  I don’t think this is his first time in 3 years making the honor roll, but I will say this is his first year that his grades have jumped up a lot.

My kid is super smart, it’s a fact! Okay, every parent thinks their kid is super smart and I am sure they all are. I will be the first to say my kid is not an all A’s type of kid. There are some areas that are just not his thing and I get that and I am okay with that. Not to say we don’t help him to strive to do better in those areas, or in all areas! I just tried to look back to see what his grades were the 1st quarter, I do know he has brought one subject up from a straight C to a straight B and a few others up also. He has 3 B’s (one is so close to an A)and 6 A’s.  I am sure some of you are thinking, umm Austin is only in 3rd grade and I would be right there with you if I didn’t see his homework everyday!

I am going to RAVE about his school and I am not trying to offend any of you whose kids go or went to public school. I am in that category and as far as I’m concerned I got a fair education, that also was quite awhile ago. The education system is well not so good and we are fortunate enough to be able to send Austin to a great private school. I am going to ramble about that in just a min too. I am the first to admit to everyone that I am extremely uneducated about the public school systems, the knowledge I have is from other parents – mostly complaining, I honestly think I have 1 friend who doesn’t complain about their school district and it’s because they live in a smaller town. The other knowledge I have about public schools, especially here in Oregon and Washington is from the media and we all know how they exaggerate the truth, because the honest truth doesn’t sell ratings.

6 years ago, we went looking for a pre-school for Austin, he needed more than day-care and we wanted to get him ready for school. A few of the other cops in Gresham and a family I worked with at Les Schwab had their kids at Phonics Phactory and couldn’t say enough good things about it! That right there was all we needed. He has been there for 6 years – Pre-School, Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1, 2, 3rd and yesterday I enrolled him for 4th. A lot of people enroll their kids in private school up until 1st thinking it’s going to give their kids a better foundation, I would like to keep and make that foundation grow. He will continue to go to that school until they do not offer his grade and or until he moves for hockey and honestly I have two hang-ups about him moving away for hockey, one is finding the right billet to help raise him and the fact he will have to leave Phonics Phactory before I want him too.

I can’t say enough good things about his school. Everything there is just right for us and for Austin. His school prepares the kids from 1st grade on for the real world, day planners and responsibility and uniforms, yes uniforms, they are not that big of a deal, and honestly most people jobs require a uniform – that could be a Les Schwab uniform down to the business causal or here at the team – game day attire is much different from my normal work day. As a hockey player, he has to wear his track suit – and a regular suit those are all uniforms if you will. His day planner is a life saver, homework is never forgotten. The fact he goes to school only 3 days a week, T-W-T, this hugely helps with his intense hockey schedule, he never misses school for a tournament, ever! What’s awesome is that his school year starts after all the public schools do and ends way before, yet with only going 3 days a week, he has more teach instructor days than public school kids. We don’t have half days, or in-service or budget cuts… WE HAVE EDUCATION.

His school is at least 1 if not 2 full teaching grades ahead. I will say that if he went to public school I would push for him to be in 4th grade, he has a late birthday so he is in 3rd, where all his friends at public school are in 4th. It’s okay, because I know he is learning at the same or higher level than that. There is a lot of work, actual work that gets done in class. He missed a whole week, the first time in 6 yrs of school and I thought we were going to die at the amount of work we picked up for him to get done, 3 days worth of school and 2 weekends worth of homework. Justin sais Austin, next time you are sick, I don’t care if you are in a hospital bed, you are going to school!!! He has quite a bit of homework most weekends, but it’s fine, it’s normal and we don’t know any difference. He has tests almost every week in different subjects.

His subjects range from Science, Language, Cursive, Reading, Math, Spanish, Music, Spelling and PE., History.  He will tell you he’s not a number kid, but he is… he knows all of his multiplication facts up to 12 which is the basis of all other problems, they started long division this year and basic algebra and he is a pretty awesome speller, he did have a streak of 6 weeks getting a 100 percent and we are not talking easy words – this week he has all 4 of these – thought, thorough, through, though…! In 5th grade they start to learn Latin, I know everyone is always LATIN? Ya, because it is the foundation to everything. If you know Latin, everything comes easier – Math, Language, Science, makes total sense. I think you get the gist of his school work.

His homework some days, wow so different from when I was in school, when Aust missed that week, he had to ask Allie to explain how to do 2 math problems cause no one could figure it out, not me, Justin, Mema, Michael… no one! It’s hard to forget how to show steps when I already know the answer! It’s a fun and creative school also, they had to do a commercial for one of their book reports and stuff like that. It over all is the best thing education experience all around.

At the beginning of this year, the homework and class work were significantly different from last year, I head 4th grade is even harder jump. It’s a battle some weeks, some days with hockey and homework, but we get it done.  At the beginning of the year a few kids dropped out and went to public school, Austin said that he heard it was because it was too hard. I don’t know if this is true, which I can see, there are some days, I think to myself, we wouldn’t be struggling with him if it were easy – then I step back, listen to what I just said, slap myself and move on to the next math problem with him! I told Austin in October, there is no way you are ever going to another school, you are smart enough and just have to focus.

The other day when I got his progress report and it showed a 3.67, I said  Austin, no way you are quitting, someone who has the schedule you do and still can pull a 3.67 you belong in that class, in that school. He knows it, he just likes to push it sometimes.

A few reasons personally Justin and I chose a private school, and it is Christian, the school is not affiliated with any church though. We wanted him to have a Christmas Program – not a Winter one, we wanted him to Pledge Allegiance everyday and use the word GOD. He needs to have that balance in his life and he has learned so many valuable lessons from that school. I wanted the smaller class sizes, – 16 kids in a class. He is the type that would get lost in public school, he would be bored which causes trouble! We love the fact that we know the majority of the staff and the owners quite well. That we can go talk to them at any time and know that honestly my child is not 1 in 5000, he is 1 kid they know, they know by name, they know by personality, they all know that hockey is his life, they all know him… That is what is so awesome about his school.

Being a small private school, you get to know most families that go there and that rocks. I love how tons of families came out to the Alice in Wonderland play that didn’t have kids in the play, just to support other kids and the school in general! The kids depending on age, every term can choose from electives that are after school. Last term Aust took Drama, he has taken Lego Robotics before, and M+M Club – which is a bible study group he LOVES! He has also taken Floor Hockey for the past 3 years. Three years ago it was for 4-8, I asked because of him playing regular hockey if he could join and he had a blast, same last year. This year it’s for 7th and 8th graders only, except the teacher asked if Austin wanted to play, so he started last week and of course LOVES it… He said he scored 7 goals last week, not sure if I believe that or not, he tends to embellish when it comes to goals in floor hockey! He wants to take boys – hip hop lessons this term also, not sure if he will yet…

I have rambled so much about his school, but I could talk about it for hours, and have so many stories and so much positiveness about that school and what it does and how it’s ran… I LOVE HIS SCHOOL, point-blank.

This whole thing started with my kid making honor roll – which there are 16 kids in his class, and 13 of them had GPA’s this term at a 3.67 or higher… our school is fairly small 1-8th grade there is 200 or less kids, I would say less… and 124 kids were on that honor roll. That right there is a testament to how awesome that school is. Also, I was trying to get the point across that his school isn’t easy and that honor roll and 3.67 is a huge achievement, at least in my book!

Sidenote – his school is not that expensive for a private school and for the education he is getting. There are highly expensive private schools in the Portland area and my guess is the education is either the same or ours might just be better – but then again I am biased!



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