Tweedle Dee and other ramblings

Aust was awesome as Tweedle Dee. He remembered his lines, we could hear him and everything was great. The play was a success and all the kids did such a great job. There was something like 93 kids in the entire production. HUGE!!!

Aust was very hard on himself, he said he didn’t do good because he forgot his lines, before he went on stage – he remembered them all once on stage!  On Friday night Grandma Karen and Aunt Jessica were there and so was Tiffany. On Saturday night, all the Elliott’s came – Katie, Josh, Jake and C.J., Mema, Poppa and Vyonne all came! Thanks to everyone that supported Austin and his school. Much appreciated.

This weekend was very nice and calm, I got a lot of things accomplished. I now have a legal OR drivers license, we won’t talk about when it expired! Two hours in the DMV is enough for me for a while. Had a great dinner with Tiffany after the play on Friday and went home and watched the NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft.

Saturday, Justin had to be at the track most of the day until Austin’s play. Austin had a birthday party of one of his classmates – great place to have a boy’s birthday party – inside a college gym – they could be loud and run!!! I registered Austin for baseball – he hasn’t played since T-Ball, just because of his hockey schedule I always forgot to register until it was too late. This time he kept reminding me!  Austin and I went and ordered drinks off the underground menu at Jamba, that was fun! Then we chilled at home until he had to be at the play. We had signed up to help breakdown everything at school – which is typical of us and it was nice reminder why I love that school and the owners!

Sunday found me actually keeping my phone on silent, it was a team day off and I decided I would go “radio silent” I had no alarm and woke up at 10:30. We deep cleaned the house, made a trip to Ikea and then church. Gotta love Church at 5pm! Austin loves youth group – not sure which appeals to him more, hanging out with Allie, or Allie’s brother Evan and the chance to learn more about God. He is happy that with his hockey schedule we should be able to make the entire month! That is a rarity.

I feel extremely accomplished starting this week! Our schedule is a little off as Austin starts another youth group at school on Wednesday’s since drama is over and he starts his floor hockey at school on Fridays. I have 2 big games this weekend and normal practice for Austin M-W-F. Justin is on days for training, that makes us all happy he is home all night. Justin has to teach on Saturday, so he will miss that game. That’s a typical week in our house – the fact that it’s not typical!

Hope you enjoy the picture of my lovely Tweedle! Look at the enthusiasm in his face.


One thought on “Tweedle Dee and other ramblings

  1. So proud of Aust! I can’t wait to see the video, and I’m sorry I missed it 😦 I think I am the most impressed with the fact that you put your phone on silent! I love that you took a “you” day, I know you don’t get those very often 🙂

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