“I’ve never met anyone named sorry before.”


Today is the day… the day my hockey player becomes an actor, it might only be for 2 performances and a small part at that, but it’s still something so new to him, well at least the actual acting, he is dramatic most of the time anyways.  His school is putting on what looks to be a great performance of  Alice in Wonderland. 

He asked back in October if he could take drama as an elective and my first question was what girl is in drama.  Turns out none, well at least not the ones he likes, although the girl he does like her sister is Alice and the performance is made up of the drama class, choir and the dance class, which Allie (the girl he likes) happens to be a part of.  Drama has been a lot more work than we all thought. I didn’t realize how much time that this was going to take. I really thought it was going to be just a class and then when I heard they were doing the play, I thought it would be a simple play. Umm, NOT, which is good for him to be diverse, we were joking last night, won’t this look good on his resume’ just kidding! I have said several times I might not have said yes if I would have known how much time it was going to take to get to this point. He makes his commitment to hockey and to his team and we don’t like for him to miss practices, and he has had to miss 2 this week. Then again, it’s just 2 and his only 9 and then again it is HOCKEY we are talking about.

When they found out what play they were doing, Austin said he wanted to be Alice – what? because she had the most lines… oh! Then he wanted to be a doorknob, me being me I said I really wanted him to be a doorknob so I could just say that my son was a doorknob!!! He ended up with the part of Tweedle Dee and I think it suits him just fine. He has known his lines pretty well for at almost 2 mos and is ready to go, I THINK. Both J and I are very nervous for him, this is a major production with wireless mics and video and everything. I am sure he will be fine, he said he is a little nervous. After watching dress rehearsal yesterday, he said he wants to take hip-hop lessons, because some of the boys break-dance during the tea party. That makes me laugh so much. 

One more quick story about the play tonight. So Allie – Austin likes her very much, she is the cutest little girl ever! Last night he said… Umm so, Allie looks different with blush and other make-up on, and without her glasses. I asked, good different or… His response – YES GOOD DIFFERENT!!! 

There is no flash photography or video aloud at the performances, I will see what I can get and post up here.


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